Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifted Goodness and a Sad Quilt

Teacup and Doilies

I went to the thrift store today while Aaron was at physical therapy and I came home with some great things.  Our thrift store is very iffy--sometimes I get great stuff and other times it's a wasteland.  I found this fabulous teacup on my second pass down the dishes area, and the crocheted doilies were hanging clipped together near some place mats.  The doilies are very finely done.  Can you imagine the time someone put into them?

I found this quilt, too.  It made me so sad that someone took this beautiful quilt that this lady lovingly made for a family member and donated it to the thrift store.  I wonder why?  So many hours and such beautiful was made in 2007 and was signed by the original quilter.  It will have a good home with me.  I'll appreciate every stitch.

Quilt and vintage pretties


learning ALL the time!!/Susan said...

Beautiful finds! I agree with you about the quilt being sad, but at least it has a good home now.

Bonnie said...

What lucky finds, Elizabeth! That's a beautiful quilt!

Ann said...

Some great finds there! Lucky for you that the little quilt was there, I often visit charity shops and wonder why some of the things have ended up there, especially when you see a collection of something. But I've been de-cluttering lately so quite a lot of my 'collections' have been donated.

Mr Lonely said...

take care ~~~ visiting here with a smile ~~~