Saturday, January 08, 2011

A reminder of spring

The eyes of this doll just called out for a green themed dress and the color reminds me of springtime.  The flower seemed to be just the thing for her hair.  I asked Lana to leave the wig detached on this doll, in case I wanted to rewig her, but I can't imagine her in any other wig, so I might glue it down.  Her coloring and personality fit this particular style of hair.

Willa with flower in her hair

The dress is made from quilter's cottons.  The jacket is, as well, and I happened upon the tiny buttons at Joann Fabrics and knew I would use them eventually.  The jacket pattern is actually sized for Bethany Kish but worked well on this doll.  It's fully lined and matches the dress.  She has little pantaloons underneath.

Willa in new dress and coat

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Ann said...

She looks beautiful and ready for a spring outing!