Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tag Along Bethany

Tag Along Bethany
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This is this year's new Bethany, produced by Kish and Company.
She's Piper's (14 inch Chrysalis) little sister. When I first opened up her box, I didn't like her much. I don't like the hard plastic bodies that are being used on these jointed dolls. I also thought her head was too big for her body, and didn't understand why they made the doll in this size when she's only about 3/4" taller than the Bitty Bethanies. And her face is different--why didn't they name her something else?

Anyway, after I made her a new outfit and smoothed her hair out, I like her a lot more. I wish Kish and Co would produce these dolls with a jointed VINYL body. The hard plastic is just unpleasant and irregular and the more you move the joints the looser they get. The faces are still beautiful, though, and the wigs are great quality and the painting is nice. The original outfits are of very good quality, too, although they are not the style I like my dolls dressed in, so I usually store the outfit immediately.

Her outfit is made with Bitty Bethany patterns. I lengthened the skirt very slightly. The jacket pattern is from an Ionker book. and is made from microwale corduroy.

Overall, I'll still buy Kish dolls, but only new faces. I so wish she would go back to the original all-vinyl bodies. Why mess with perfection?


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