Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olivia, redone

Mei Ling Effner with Bear
Olivia had a face repaint.  Here is a link to a photo from before.  I didn't like something about her eyes and her cheeks seemed too dull, so I enhanced the face paint by repainting the eyes and eyelashes.  I reblushed her cheeks and chin, too, and now I like her better.  I made her a dress with an Ionker A-line pattern, which I lengthened.  I decided it needed embroidery and a hat to make it complete.

Olivia in new blue dress
Here is a closeup of her face painting.  I also re-wigged her, as her original wig was not of good quality.  I used a mohair Heidi wig and overall, I think she's much cuter.

Olivia close up


Bonnie said...

She is beautiful Elizabeth! What talent you have!

Ann said...

She looks gorgeous in her embroidered dress, lovely colour.