Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lovely Day

Today was a lovely day, with dry warmth.  April thought it was perfect weather for daydreaming in the sunshine on the deck.  She also spent some time sitting with her friend, Luke.

These two are just so cute, I can't get over it.  I found the bench on clearance at Michaels and it fits them perfectly. 

The summer is winding down here.  It will be a cool night tonight.  The summer has been full of nice weather and the garden has grown well, producing lots of tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers, among other things.  The chickens are doing fine and Hazel is broody and thinks she can hatch the wooden eggs!  She looks crazed when she's broody, as she puffs up her feathers and makes a terrible sound, but I just laugh at her and send her out to play with her sisters.  Daisy Duck (aka Little) has decided that the call ducklings are OK and swims every day with them.  She daily has to put Roger in line, as he's a bit fresh, and she occasionally has to sneak a bite at Hattie to keep her in line, too.  Overall Daisy has stopped mourning for Millie and now she has friends to keep her company in the winter, so all is well with the feathered folk!

I made a dress for Candy Plusczok today, also, but I will show it tomorrow!

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