Saturday, July 12, 2008


Toby is nine, just turned, and I just need a forum today to say that he's a Good Boy. He's been very good with having my sister's dog here and seems to just accept it, even though I thought he would try to bite her!

Toby was a research beagle where I went to vet school. He was bred to have a heart defect and was purchased by my vet school's cardiology department so the resident could practice correcting the defect. Once he was corrected, I adopted him, because I was working for the cardiologist. He's been a good dog from day one. The only difficulty we had with him at first was that he was too scared of EVERYTHING, because he had never been outdoors. He wouldn't pee for the first 36 hours we had him because even the leaves blowing in the wind terrified him. Now he loves being outside and pees on everything. :) He gets great pleasure in life out of eating and playing with his stuffed toys. This year, he finally is starting to seem like he's getting old. He's sleeping a lot more and doesn't play as often. But he still totes his hedgehogs (toys) around and honks them when he's happy! And I always get a happy dance when I come home or even when I come in from doing chores in the yard. He's just a Good Boy.

He's even tolerant of Mama making him look foolish. :)

And he loves his kitty.

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Becky said...

He is SO Cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Toby!! Give him lots of hugs from me. The picture in black and white is adorable.

It's because of Toby that I would love a beagle someday.......