Friday, June 04, 2021

Goat Goings-on

 I had to euthanize my friend Josie goat on May 14th.  She had a tumor that was giving her a lot of trouble and it finally became too much and it was time. She was always such a good little friend.  

Anza was desperately lonely and I had a big decision to make, whether to send her to another home with goats or whether to get a few more goats to keep her company.  In the end, I decided on getting a few more goats, because I could not imagine not keeping Anza.  She has been a goofy friend for ten years and I didn't want to let her go!  So we made the tough decision to find a few more goats.  We were able to locate a Nigerian Dwarf breeder who was downsizing her herd and was able to sell us two does, ages 7 and 5, mother and daughter.  The first few days were a bit rough.  Anza was confused, the new goats were confused, and there was some goat posturing and squabbling, but now they are getting along ok and Anza is back to eating well and acting like herself.  The new goats are fun and sweet.  Snickers is very bossy and absolutely is herd head!  Anza is a bit  put out by this but has adjusted.  

New girls:  left is Hope (5) and right is her mother, Snickers (7)

Anza, being silly!

Hope and Olivia

Snickers and Hope

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