Monday, July 05, 2021



July has started out most beautifully upon the heels of a hot June.  My hennies are happy in their yard, which is overgrown with daisies that I refuse to mow.

Anza and company are pleased with the clippings of the volunteer ash trees that come up too close to the house foundation.

The flowers are blooming.  The birds are singing.  Breezes stir the aspen trees and afternoons stretch long and pleasant when we are not at work.

Olivia and I made some Felt Wee Folk, with instructions from Salley Mavor's book, and we also constructed a house for them, with no instructions. We used an old cardboard box and torn up egg cartons.  We have much furniture to make.

We have had some tea parties with fancy cups and tiny sandwiches.

We have both made watercolors.  Olivia's is the cottage.  Mine is my chickens.

The cats take comfortable afternoon naps.

And I have been reading Tasha Tudor's writings, both for grownups and children, and admiring her way of life and her philosophy and her watercolor artistry.

I have resumed my Smitten quilt.

And the Fluffy Cat has emerged from her self-imposed solitude to explore the craft room in her summer hairdo, purring all the while.

This is what my life should be always, not just on a rare few days off.  I refuse to concede that, as most Americans do, my life should consist of frantically rushing to work for most of every day, sometimes as much as 60 or more hours a week, rushing back home to prepare a terrible dinner for myself and Olivia which is usually pre-prepared junk if we are lucky or cereal if we are out of everything, falling into bed exhausted, and then getting up the next day to do it again and again.  Life should not be about being so stressed every day that you cannot enjoy your life at all and wish the misery would just end.  Life should not cause the loss of health and vision to the extent that you can see a future where you can no longer even experience those things that you enjoy the most in the world.  I opt out.  I will no longer kill myself with overwork and enslave myself to the wishes of everyone else in the world who happens to come along with a more assertive personality than I have.  I will not watch my child grow up in the blink of an eye with a single parent who can never even have the energy to do anything fun.  I will never go for years again with zero time to enjoy my life.  I will live in poverty before I ever do that again.  This is is my line in the sand.  I will enjoy my life and I will have time to do so.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Goat Goings-on

 I had to euthanize my friend Josie goat on May 14th.  She had a tumor that was giving her a lot of trouble and it finally became too much and it was time. She was always such a good little friend.  

Anza was desperately lonely and I had a big decision to make, whether to send her to another home with goats or whether to get a few more goats to keep her company.  In the end, I decided on getting a few more goats, because I could not imagine not keeping Anza.  She has been a goofy friend for ten years and I didn't want to let her go!  So we made the tough decision to find a few more goats.  We were able to locate a Nigerian Dwarf breeder who was downsizing her herd and was able to sell us two does, ages 7 and 5, mother and daughter.  The first few days were a bit rough.  Anza was confused, the new goats were confused, and there was some goat posturing and squabbling, but now they are getting along ok and Anza is back to eating well and acting like herself.  The new goats are fun and sweet.  Snickers is very bossy and absolutely is herd head!  Anza is a bit  put out by this but has adjusted.  

New girls:  left is Hope (5) and right is her mother, Snickers (7)

Anza, being silly!

Hope and Olivia

Snickers and Hope

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Little Lou II

 I painted this girl with acrylics from a porcelain kit from Allfordoll on Etsy. She's Little Lou II and is about 11 inches high. I washed her face off and repainted her about five times until I was more or less satisfied but I think with more practice I can do a better job. I made her dress from a pattern by Nedra, but I didn't feel like doing the pleats so I just gathered it and used some 1930's feed sack material to make a play dress. I'm happy enough with this girl. I can't decide whether to call her Lou or something else. I have a second kit to make up, which is the regular Little Lou. I already started her painting.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

It's been awhile!

My life has gotten so busy and not much fun lately.  And I have purchased zero new dolls in two years!  Yikes!  And hardly any craft time.  But hopefully it'll get better soon.  Here are some photos from recently just for fun.

Kitten from work, soon up for adoption.  

Sunrise on a September Monday morning.

My goats, lounging.

A fairy house that Olivia made in our back woods.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring has sprung here, finally!

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the lawn needs mowing, badly.  I am charging the dead battery of my riding mower so I can hopefully do that chore later on today!  I have been sewing a smidgen but not much.  This dress is the prize for a contest on Our Little Darlings, but sadly, there are almost no entries!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My baby is turning 4...

Four years has passed fast.  My bright, beautiful, imaginative girl is turning four in a week.  She asked me for a doll to be friends with the rag doll that I had made when I was a teenager that she plays with all the time.  That particular doll is named Lizzy and I had given it to my mother after I made it.  She saved it all these years and when I had Olivia, gave it back.  I scrounged the internet for the pattern and successfully found it and made a friend for Lizzy. This doll is unnamed.  I'll leave that honor to Olivia.  I hope she will enjoy her.  Olivia loves to imagine scenarios with her dolls and has a running dialogue with them most of the time!

Rag doll